A New Interpretation Of Analogues


SVIC호신기술투자조합 삼성벤처투자 투자
호신기술투자조합 삼성벤처투자 투자


제3회 공공데이터 활용 창업경진대회 대상
정부3.0문화데이터 활용 경진대회 대상
SVIC호신기술투자조합 삼성벤처투자 투자


구니스 회사 설립

Play education for a changing world

Our world is getting wider and wider.
How should we get prepared for reality and metaverse world?
The world is changing and it's time to change children's education
3D perception and intelligence development education are not optional anymore.
In the digital age, take play using electronic devices into education.

Metaverse world of hardware and
applications combined

through play

Children will be meeting various virtual environments in the future. Exploring and exploring how dots, lines, and sides interact with each other are crucial for preschool children.

Sustainable & Recycling

You can create artwork by recycling used resources.

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Beyond the Dimension Implementation

Playing through goonies also helps children get used to perceiving and composing the objects in space in three dimensional space. genius craft provides special hardware ingnious craft children can actually touch and make with their own hands and create their own online virtual world.