Do you paint with tools or with your fingers?

A smart pen is included in the product, but you can do it with your finger.

What models are available?

IOS 9.3 or later (iPad 3rd generation or later, iPhone iPhone 5 or later)
Android 6.0 or later (All touch-capable devices with Android 6.0 or later operating system (including TV/monitor)
※Operating system that can be used with future updates version may change.

What is the product lifespan?

In the case of the Bluetooth version, it automatically turns off when not used for a long time to save battery.
(Generally, the battery life is 300 hours in total and can be used for an average of 6 months)
In the case of the Android version
As long as it is connected via USB It can be used for a lifetime.

How do I exchange or refund the product?

Exchanges and refunds of products are made at each place of purchase.
If you do not know the place of purchase, exchanges and refunds are not possible.

What is the AS period?

In case of self-defectiveness, service is provided free of charge for one year from the date of purchase, and repair may not be possible for a fee or depending on the product. The AS period for each product can be found by checking the purchase receipt or manufacturing date. ※Service is not available for product damage or corrosion due to consumer negligence.

Where can I send the product for after-sales service?

For all inquiries related to product purchase and A/S, please send an e-mail to the customer center at the bottom of the site for detailed information. When requesting product inspection due to A/S, please make sure to submit it to the customer center and send it to the address below. Please note that delivery to addresses other than these may result in refusal of receipt and return, and double fares may be applied.

How to wash?

The Genius Craft block is made of silicone and can be sterilized in boiling water. However, when sterilizing at high temperature, boil it for 2 to 3 minutes. Further sterilization may cause deformation of the product shape. When cleaning is complete, it is recommended to shake off the water well or stand it upright to dry the interior water completely.